Artist Statement 


The construction of my canvases is found through abstract colors in which I find a sense of inspiration. When I paint on canvas I paint with passion. Whether I am joyful or sad, solemn or excited, the canvas is brought to life through the colors which my mood naturally draws me towards. I allow my passion to inspire the form of my paintings.

My work is a polymerization of photography and experimental painting techniques which allow me to merge mediums in a blend of abstraction and realism. My work is influenced by great artists such as, Gerhard Richter, Carl Charenza and the master of photography, Henry Holmes Smith.

Painting abstract art feels like a natural extension of my body. I experiment with colors and technique whereby one may experience a feeling of frenzy frantic-ness with the boldness of reds and blacks, deep and violent physical incisions on the canvas, then the next moment gain a sense of calm and serenity from splashes of cool blues and thick blankets of peaceful whites. The painting is then followed by drips of warm and cool tones which draw the viewer into infinity. This blank canvas is given birth by the merging of my passion for colors, my mood and a variety of painting techniques.

In my studio in Toronto, I am often inspired by brilliant landscapes. I either take a photo or recall the landscape from my minds eye to begin another abstract piece. Each piece begins as a small oil sketch, where my focus is primarily on composition and color. This small canvas may, or may not, be a pre-cursor to a larger more dynamic canvas which is used to develop the vision in my mind.